Overnight Pulse-Oximetry
Marketing Tools

We have you covered with pre-filled forms, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider to physician resources, and resources to share with physicians for their patients.

Home Sleep Testing
Marketing Tools

Power up your home sleep testing marketing with DME to patient information, DME to physician resources, and resources to share with physicians for their patients.

Marketing Tools

Everything you need to know about Vitalistics™ and our home sleep testing and overnight oximetry testing services.

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Often times, patients and physicians do not realize that in home diagnostic testing is an option, let alone the right option. That is why Vitalistics offers several resourceful marketing tools to help target physicians who need to learn about or who are considering home sleep testing or overnight oximetry testing for their patients. From physician flyers, educational brochures, to step-by-step illustrated instructions, Vitalistics offers it all in a completely customizable format for your own brand. By distributing flyers and educational brochures to physician offices, these tools will help you market to those who never knew in home diagnostics was an option. Some of our marketing resources include:

  • Flyer with physician benefits of offering in home diagnostic testing services to patients.
  • Brochures for patients and physicians providing educational information on home sleep testing and overnight pulse oximetry testing, along with what the testing process includes.
  • Step by step easy to follow patient illustrated instructions for both services.
  • Educational information on OSA, symptoms, effects of untreated OSA, and a quick self-screening exam.
  • General overview brochure of what happens and the benefits of home sleep testing and overnight pulse oximetry testing.

Let the physicians and patients in your area know who you are and what you offer, and begin expanding your services today.

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Market to Physicians

Vitalistics provides a marketing tool kit that is customizable to your own company brand. This is a completely FREE resource that will allow you to reach out to physicians and improve your referrals.


Physician Referrals

Because physicians are the number one customers of DMEs, good physician referrals are highly important. We provide a excellent resources to help you market yourself and your services to physicians.


Reliable Test Results

Our oxygen qualification testing process guarantees you test results that you can rely on- and fast too. Fast results make for happy physicians and patients and allow you to serve more of both.


Increase Revenue

Using Vitalistics provided marketing tools, physician referrals process, streamlined workflows, and rapid reliable test results, you’ll be sure to see an increase in revenue. Lets watch your business take off, together.

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