A Software Application to Ease Oxygen and CPAP Ordering and Qualification

ODIE Makes it Easier Than Ever to Process Overnight Oximetry and Home Sleep Testing

ODIE - A home overnight oximetry system for oxygen and CPAP qualification testing designed for DMEs and physicians
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Vitalistics ODIE software was designed specifically for Durable Medical Equipment Companies (DME) and Physicians to assist in qualifying patients for home oxygen and/or PAP therapy.  Our web-based software application manages test workflow to create efficiency, streamline processes, and ensure regulatory compliance.  Once the test is complete and the data is downloaded to ODIE, a comprehensive report will be generated and sent to the referring physician immediately.  As the provider of the test, Vitalistics™ handles all of the billing.

ODIE Premium

The Premium license can be purchased for a low-cost for each of your locations.  ODIE Premium is a convenient, and efficient workflow solution to manage non-qualification patient testing, download data, and generate a comprehensive oximetry report for your non-qualification patients or for those oximetry tests that will not be performed and billed by Vitalistics.  Because Vitalistics will not be conducting, managing or billing the test, you can utilize which features of the ODIE software you will utilize.  Take advantage of the ODIE software today and start increasing revenue and decreasing costs with our dynamic and efficient solution.

ODIE Connect


ODIE is your home base for ordering and processing overnight oximetry and home sleep tests. Our web-based system makes it easy to manage overnight pulse oximetry testing and order home sleep testing with a streamlined workflow, automated alerts, and rapid reliable results.

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Transfer oximeter data to Vitalistics with ODIE Sync. Our desktop tool makes it easy to upoload the oximetry data and get the report processing underway. It also gives you quick access to results for patient tests not requiring our IDTF services.

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Take your oxygen qualifications tasks mobile with ODIE GO. From patient setup to checking on the status of tests, our mobile application puts the power of the ODIE system in your palm.

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  • Self-Service Signup with Fast Approval
  • Pre-populated forms
  • Easily regenerate lost forms
  • Oximetry Report Change Form allows the DME to fix the general test information
  • Use ODIE for qualification testing, Vitalistics will conduct the test and bill
  • Test results report displays as a PDF
  • Oximetry test report generated within minutes
  • Test report is quickly and automatically sent to the physician
  • HIPPA compliant eFax solution
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Reports contain graphs for quick analysis, in addition to the detailed data
  • DME provider location(s)
  • Users can select their notification preferences
  • User passwords are HIPAA compliant
  • Password reset option at logon

Why ODIE? ODIE originates from the technology at the core of the testing process.

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