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Vitalistics Policy, Procedure, and Patient Forms

Below you will find the policies, procedures and standards Vitalistics™ is required to post as a healthcare entity, a Medicare-participating Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF), as well as other important regulatory documents and patient forms. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us directly at 844.550.9970, and ask for the Vitalistics Compliance Officer.

Vitalistics Notice of Privacy Practices

This document contains Vitalistics’ notice patient privacy policy as required by HIPAA rule.
View or Download a Copy of Vitalistic’s Notice of Privacy Practices

Vitalistics Website Privacy Policy

Our website privacy policy describes how we treat the personal information we gather on our website and in interactive e-mail messages. Please note that this policy does not apply to the treatment of any information we gather anywhere else.
Vitalistics Website Privacy Policy

Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) Standards

The document contains the Federal standards that Vitalistics adheres to.
View the Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) Standards

Patient Complaint Procedure

This notice outlines how Vitalistics will handle patient complaints. If you are a patient and wish to file a complaint, please see our “Contact” page for our contact information.

Complaint Handling Procedures
Vitalistics supports the philosophy that each employee has a responsibility to respond promptly to patient complaints. Complaints are viewed as opportunities to continually improve the quality of care that we provide to our patients.

In addition, Vitalistics will support the right of each patient to share complaints with any governmental or regulatory agency the patient wishes to contact. Individual staff members may receive and respond to complaints from patients. When a particular complaint is beyond the ability of the individual staff member to resolve immediately, the staff member will direct the complaint to one of the appropriate departmental managers for a response. Patients will be supported in their right to contact any appropriate regulatory agency by making available to patients the contact addresses and telephone numbers of such agencies.

Assignment of Benefit/Medical Records Release

This document is a blank copy of the form that is presented to you at the time of your test and requires your signature. The Assignment of Benefit (AOB) form allows Vitalistics to bill your insurance and receive payment for our testing service. The Medical Records Release authorizes Vitalistics to release test reports and other related items to treatment suppliers. You may request a copy of your original, signed AOB/Medical Records Release form at any time by writing to the address below, or calling 844.550.9970 and verifying your identity.
Download the Overnight Oximetry AOB | Download the Home Sleep Test AOB

Medical Release Revocation Form

The document is the form you need to use to submit a written request to revoke a medical release. Be sure to include the required details in order to request that your medical records are no longer shared with the specified party you granted permission to.
Download Medical Release Revocation Form

Medical Records Request Form

The document is the form you need to use to submit a written request for a copy of your medical records from Vitalistics. Be sure to include the required details to request a copy of all medical records or refer to a specific test or order.
Download Medical Records Request Form