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Patients will prefer staying in their own bed for a home sleep test rather then an in-lab test, any day. Vitalistics offers a simple and easy way to order a home sleep test for your patients with our robust software application. Home sleep testing is put into one intuitive and easy to follow process that makes communication and the testing process easier than ever. The patient will appreciate being able to sleep in the comfort for their own home, the convenience, low cost, ease of use, and helpful support.

With Vitalistics web portal, you can access your patient report shortly after data is uploaded. You can easily generate reports or forms again, by signing in from any time, any where. Give your patients what they want without the hassle, and let Vitalistics take care of it all.


Our integrated faxing functionality, automated forms, alerts, and dashboard widgets will leave you stress free as you go through the testing process.

Rapid, Reliable Results

Data is quickly transformed into reports and available to physicians and patients within 7-10 business days.

Easy to Analyze

Our test reports provide a one page summary for quick diagnosis, as well as a detailed report for further analysis.

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