Vitalistics’™ ODIE software makes it easier than ever to process overnight oximetry and home sleep testing. With the power of integrated faxing, alerts, forms in English and Spanish, and streamlined workflows, you can service more patients while improving service levels and reducing operational expenses.

Service More Patients

Our streamlined workflow, automation, and alerts will allow you to service more patients using your existing staff. Plus, our marketing support will help you grow your business.

Improve Service Levels

ODIE improves communication between Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers, physicians and patients helping you provide reliable service and provide patients with needed therapy supplies fast.

Rapid Reliable Results

Overnight oximetry test results are provided quickly and securely through our ODIE software as soon as data is extracted and processed. Experience the benefit of reduced wait times!

Increase Revenue

With our quick and efficient oxygen and home sleep qualification testing process you’ll be able to service more patients and see lower operational costs in no time.

What Vitalistics can do for Durable Medical Equipment Companies
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In-home Overnight Oximetry Testing

In-Home Testing

We offer in-home overnight pulse oximetry and home sleep testing.

Fast Oxygen Qualification Test Results

Fast Results

Patients, physicians, and DMEs can count on our rapid reliable results.

24/7 Online and Phone Support

24/7 Support

From simple questions to technical questions, we’re here to provide answers.

Increased Durable Medical Equipment provide revenue from oxygen patients

Increase Revenue

Let Vitalistics save you time and money with our mail order service!

Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility


We’re a Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF).

home diagnostic testing servicesBringing Efficiency to Overnight Oximetry and Home Sleep Testing

DMEs are expected by all physicians to ensure patients are being properly tested and qualified under specific CMS guidelines and regulations. At the same time, all tests and results should be rapid and reliable. With Vitalistics as your oxygen and PAP qualification partner, we promise you just that – rapid reliable results that comply with Medicare guidelines. Our services will allow you to maximize your profitability while servicing more sleep disordered breathing patients and referring physicians. Designed to work with the newest technologies and check off all the boxes on your functionality wish list, Vitalistics will make in home diagnostic testing much easier.

With our free marketing tools, innovative ODIE software, and 24/7 support system, you’ll see a path that leads to an increase in revenue, operational efficiencies, physician referrals, and patient base. We bring efficiency to home oximetry and sleep testing, and you can too. Get started today and experience simplified oxygen qualification testing with Vitalistics.

Growing Your Oxygen and PAP Therapy Customer Base


Americans with
Sleep Disordered Breathing

Americans with sleep disordered breathing
Exclusive features and
benefits to help you grow
your PAP therapy revenue

Identify patients faster to increase
customer and physician satisfaction
resulting in more referrals and sales

diagnosed persons with sleep disordered breathing

80% +

Estimated to be Undiagnosed


Medicare Patients

Use ODIE for free with your Medicare Patients
Use our system at no cost
with your Medicare patients
and get rapid reliable results

Increase your company’s revenue
potential by expanding your oxygen
services using Vitalistics

Unlimited revenue potential from oxygen patients


Revenue Potential

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oxygen qualification testing for DMEs

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Results sent directly to the physician and then made available to you fast. Service more patients faster. More patients equals more revenue.

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Increasing the revenue you generate from oxygen and home sleep test patients

Identify More Patients with ODIE

Powerful software with optimized processes, automation, and alerts to streamline your qualification testing.

Marketing Support

Professionally designed marketing materials that are free of charge and fully customizable by you.

Overnight Oximetry and Home Sleep Testing

Manage and grow your overnight oximetry and PAP therapy business with our web-based program to maintain CMS compliance.

Compliance Resources

Stay up-to-date with the latest CMS guidelines for oxygen qualifications.

Strategies to earn more revenue from oxygen patients