Oximetry & home sleep testing services simplified.

Oxygen & CPAP Therapy Qualification Testing Services

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Offering Overnight Pulse Oximetry & Home Sleep Test services, Vitalistics™ provides you with rapid, reliable results.

English and Spanish support for DMEs, physicians, and patients regarding any technical issues or questions.

Innovative paperless system with integrated faxing and alerts plus easy DME and physician communications.

Vitalistics Makes it Easier Than Ever to Process Overnight Oximetry & Home Sleep Testing Services with Home Delivery Services

Supporting DME providers and physicians

Supporting DME Providers and Physicians Across the Country

Vitalistics is a Medicare-approved, independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) dedicated to rapid, reliable oxygen and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) qualification testing for physicians and DME suppliers across the nation. We provide the forms, software and processing capabilities necessary to ensure efficient and accurate overnight pulse oximetry and home sleep tests nationwide.

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Vitalistics is dedicated to providing patients with high-quality, full-service testing support for home sleep testing and overnight pulse oximetry. Our 24-hour patient technical support line can be reached at

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Oximetry & home sleep testing services
Oximetry & home sleep testing services
Oximetry & home sleep testing services
Oximetry & home sleep testing services
Oximetry & home sleep testing services

Services designed with DME and physician needs at the forefront. Tools to make oxygen and CPAP therapy
qualification easy. Processes and workflows designed to help you treat more patients and do so at a higher quality of clinical care!  Experience the Vitalistics difference today!