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Overnight Oximetry Testing Simplified

Simplify Your Oxygen Therapy Qualification Process With Vitalistics

Vitalistics™ is a nation-wide Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) that provides an extremely user friendly testing process to qualify patients for oxygen therapy. Our goal is to make it easy for patients to benefit from overnight pulse oximetry. With a physician order, we provide overnight pulse oximetry testing with continuous patient assistance and a comprehensive interpreted report by one of our board-certified sleep physicians.

Vitalistics innovative approach take on all aspects of the testing.  Once we receive the order, we contact the patient and schedule the delivery of the device through our mail order process.  Rest assured, our devices are extremely easy to use and with our 24/7 clinical support, we ensure the testing process is accurate and easy for the patient.

To submit a claim for home oxygen therapy items and equipment, the supplier must have the support of a qualifying oximetry test results. Specifically, CMS requires the treating physician or a qualified provider or supplier of laboratory services to have conducted the qualifying blood gas study for it to be valid.  Vitalistics provides qualified laboratory services. CMS allows patients to self-administer their overnight pulse oximetry test. While the DME is allowed to be the courier of the oximetry device, they are in no way able to provide any instruction to the patient or process the result data.

Overnight oximetry testing may only be conducted after a written physician’s order and patient consent has been received by Vitalistics. Once the test is completed, the DME provider simply connects the oximeter to their computer and uploads the test data to Vitalistics’ HIPPA compliant servers for processing. Our web portal will contain a detailed report that is transmitted to the patient’s treating physician, who may then order home oxygen, if indicated.

A copy of the oxygen report is made available to the DME after Vitalistics receives confirmation that the physician has received the report.

Simple Test Ordering and Management

Enter, edit, and track all your orders using the web portal. Designed to save time, the portal was developed to optimize your workflow and give you quick access to all of your patient and test information. Orders are entered quickly, and next steps are clear with our streamlined workflow. Incoming faxes are bar-coded and quickly scanned and automated alerts keep you posted on the status of tests. Vitalistics is the most efficient way to go from order entry to getting test results available today.

Benefits of Overnight Oximetry Testing With Vitalistics

  • Vitalistics handles the delivery of the testing devices to the patient.
  • Web portal may be used by any DME or physician provider who enters an account online.
  • Software compatible with most popular oximeters.
  • Pre-filled Physician Written Orders and Consent Forms are available for printing with every test order so obtaining the necessary paperwork is efficient.
  • Online report containing a one page summary and multiple detailed pages. The report is easy to read and includes data, as well as graphs.
  • Providers can track their success through the web portal, which enables providers to assess their oxygen qualification business activities.

Three Steps for Success

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Conduct Your Tests

Enter your patient’s information, order and conduct the test, and upload the data. We take care of billing Medicare patients and delivery of device for you.

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