Overnight Pulse Oximetry Testing Process Simplified.

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How the Overnight Oximetry Testing Process Works

For Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Providers

Many DMEs face difficulties in working through the overnight oximetry testing process. This is typically due to slow processing, sometimes resulting in missed patient appointments and unnecessary stalls during the process. To solve these issues and ease the process, Vitalistics™ has developed a new system that ensures that you get rapid and reliable results – this is great news for you.

Delivery of Testing Device

Vitalistics has changed the way the delivery process for Overnight Pulse Oximetry testing is conducted for Durable Medical Equipment companies.  No longer does your team have to waste time and money on being the courier of the device. Vitalistics innovative approach take on all aspects of the testing.  Once we receive the order, we contact the patient and schedule the delivery of the device through our mail order process.

Easily Accessible Test Results

Vitalistics provides an online portal where you can submit orders and access all of the patient’s information.  You can also simply fax us the order and patient information and we will add the patient to your account on your behalf.  Our portal is able to enter automated reminders when a patient has been inactive after a certain amount of time. It also easily regenerates forms and is able to fax reports directly to doctors. Vitalistics has made the testing process easy for DMEs and it makes overall communication much easier.

Oximetry Testing Process – Step By Step

  1. Register Register at It’s free to use with your qualification testing patients. Use it for non-qualification testing for only $99/year.
  2. Enter a Location. Set up each of your locations under your account. We’ll help keep track of your tests by location and account.
  3. Add Patient Information. Once a test is requested, DME will add required patient and health insurance information.
  4. Enter the Ordering Physician’s Information.This can be done automatically by searching the national registry of physicians through our system by either physician name or NPI number.
  5. Fax Pre-filled Forms. Assignment of Benefits (AOB) and Physician Written Order (PWO) Forms will be pre-filled and faxed to the physician.
  6. Schedule Test. DME will enter and schedule the test for particular patient. Once test is ordered, Vitalistics take care of the delivery of the device to that patient.
  7. Final Report. The final report will be automatically sent to the physician- once it has arrived the status will change from “pending” to “delivered”. Automated reminders will be sent for patients with pending status.

With our system, we will improve the communication between you, patients, and physicians. The system will in-turn alert you which patients are still pending, auto generate forms and fax them directly to the referring physician, and easily upload documents to the patient test. We will also provide you with educational links provided by Medicare for updates in the industry.

DME oximetry testing process

Key Benefits for DMES

  • Self-register to use web portal.
  • Automated reminders to let you know when a patient has been inactive after X amount of time so you can follow up.
  • No longer worry about the delivery of the testing device to patients.
  • Auto-populated and blank forms are available in English or Spanish to save you time.
  • Easily regenerate lost forms and fax them directly within the system.
  • Oximetry Report Change Form allows you to fix the general test information, such as the time of the test.
  • Fax Physicians Written Order form directly to the physician to get it signed.
  • Reports are faxed directly out of our system to the doctor and once receipt is verified via confirmation page, they will be released to you almost immediately.
  • Use the Vitalistics system at no cost for qualification testing patients or Pay $99/yr for non-qualification testing.
  • Manage multiple DME locations and users – If you own and or operate multiple centers, our dashboard easily allows you to manage your locations.
  • Quickly set up patients and tests.
  • Quickly review that status of all of your tests using flexible filters and robust dashboard view.

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