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Frequently Asked Questions for DMEs

Operating Systems

Both web and installed components of the software are compatible with;
Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Hardware Requirements

Both web and installed components require;
• IBM-compatible with 1GB of memory
• 25 Mb of available disk space (hard drive)
• 1366×768 minimum resolution recommended
Available serial communications port or USB port with serial adaptor.

Software Requirements

Greenfield Web Browser (Chrome, FF, or IE11 or Edge)

Yes. The method of electronically transmitting test results to a Medicare-approved independent Diagnostic Testing Facility was approved by CMS Publication 120, Transmittal 173, published in August of 2005.
Yes. Test results are saved in encrypted files that can only be viewed by those authorized with an activated web portal. Vitalistics™ does not share patient information with any outside sources. IDTFs and DMEs in our system are responsible for ensuring that unauthorized persons cannot access the web portal and / or encrypted test results on computers at their facility.
The web portal is free for DMEs and physicians to use for qualification testing for overnight oximetry testing and home sleep testing – simply sign up and get started. Each DME or physician location that wishes to use the system for non-qualification testing will need to purchase a license for only $99 per location/year.

You may install the ODIE Sync software, which transmits the test data from the oximeter into the dashboard, on as many computers as you like.

Our compatible oximeters include;
Nonin WristOX 3100
Nonin WristOX 3150
Respironics 920M Plus
Contec CMS50F
No. You can download and transmit as many test results as you like. However, files will only be processed when all appropriate paperwork has been entered into the software.
According to CMS Publication 120, Transmittal 173, the test must be performed under the direction/instruction of a Medicare-approved IDTF. In the web portal, we must have a doctor’s order form, patient information, and assignment of benefits or consent form.

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