How the Overnight Oximetry Testing Process Works for Physicians

Patient overnight pulse oximetry testing simplified.

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Physician Oximetry Testing Process

Overnight Oximetry Testing Process

Overnight pulse oximetry testing happens from the comfort of a patients home. With an easy to use device, step-by-step instructions, and a 24/7 support system, we’ll help you determine if your patient is in need of home oxygen therapy, or may have symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. This is a process that is made quick and easy, allowing patients and physicians to get the quick and accurate results they are looking for.

We work with most modern oximeter devices on the market, provide an easy to use web application for quick access to forms and reports in our effort to ensure you with rapid reliable results. Follow our easy step-by-step process and continue to better the lives of those with respiratory modalities everywhere.

Physician Benefits

  • Completely paperless system with integrated faxing and document upload capabilities.
  • Order directly through our system- no phone calls required.
  • Delivers a oximetry summary data report that is easy, intuitive, and quick to read.
  • Also provides a more detailed data report for complete review by the physician.
  • Rapid and reliable test results- reports are faxed to the ordering physician as soon as data is uploaded.

Oximetry Prescription Guidelines

These are All Valid Ways to Describe Overnight Oximetry

24 hours O2 Test
Noc Ox
Nocturnal O2 sat
Nocturnal O2 Test
Nocturnal Oximetry
Nocturnal Plus Oximetry
Nocturnal PO
Nocturnal POX
Nocturnal Pulse Ox
Nocturnal SaO2 Test

O/N Pulse Ox
Overnight Noc Ox
Overnight O2 sat
Overnight O2 Test
Overnight Oximetry
Overnight Oximetry on oxygen, cpap or Bipap
Overnight Oximetry on room air
Overnight PO

Overnight POX
Overnight Pulse Ox
Overnight pulse Oximetry
Overnight SaO2 Test
Pulse Oximetry rest, exertion and Nocturnal
Pulse Oximetry rest, exertion and overnight
Sleeping o2 sat
Sleeping Oximetry
Sleeping SaO2

How Overnight Pulse Oximetry Testing Works for Physicians

Bettering the lives of patients from the comfort of their own home.


Assess Patient

Assess and evaluate your patient to determine if there are respiratory modalities that may cause them to be in need of oxygen therapy.



If symptoms are present and you are ready to order an overnight pulse oximetry test, sign up with Vitalistics™ at If you have already registered, simply sign in to your account.


Order a Test

Once you have created your account, ordering a test is easy. Simply create the patient and submit the test order.  If you would rather fax the order directly to us, feel free to fax it to 844.550.9971.  Once we receive the order, Vitalistics will take it from there.



We cannot send out the oximetry device to the patient until a signed written order is received. Vitalistics web portal incorporates integrated faxing, allowing for an easy and efficient sign and fax process.  You can also simply upload the document directly to the patient test.


Wait for Results

From here, everything is taken care of. Vitalistics will contact the patient and send them the oximetry device. Vitalistics will quickly generate a comprehensive oximetry report that will be available for your review through the web portal and fax, almost immediately.

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