Physician Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ODIE Software HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Test results are saved in encrypted files that can only be viewed by authorized and activated ODIE software. Vitalistics™ does not share patient information with any outside sources. IDTFs and DMEs in our system are responsible for ensuring that unauthorized persons cannot access ODIE Software and / or encrypted test results on computers at their facility.

Is the ODIE Software approved by Medicare?

Yes. The method of electronically transmitting test results to a Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility was approved by CMS Publication 120, Transmittal 173, published in August of 2005.

I have misplaced my copy of the test results. How can I get them again?

Simply sign into ODIE and reprint the test results.

How fast will I get a copy of the test results?

The ODIE System generates overnight pulse oximetry reports automatically. If you have provided all the required paperwork, you can expect results within minutes.  Home sleep test reports are uploaded to the patient test file in ODIE once the report has been interpreted by a board certified sleep physician.

How do I track my orders?

You can enter, edit, and track all orders through our ODIE software by logging into

What does the oximetry report consist of?

We provide a one page summary report that consists of the qualification status, oxygen saturation, and a test overview. We also provide a more detailed report for further review. This includes graphs of desaturation events, a detailed chart, and a SpO2 histogram. See sample reports here.

Will my patients be able to operate the self administered home sleep tests?

Our home sleep test kits come with step-by-step illustrated instructions that allow for an easy testing process. We also provide a 24/7/365 support system if there are any complications or concerns.

Is home sleep testing available with Vitalistics in my state?

Vitalistics is constantly expanding our home sleep testing service state by state. Check back to our home sleep testing page frequently to see if we’ve hit your state.

What is the cost of using ODIE to process and view test results?

ODIE is free for DMEs and physicians to use for their qualification testing – simply sign up to get started. Each DME or physician location that wishes to use the ODIE software for non-qualification testing, will need to purchase a Premium license for only $99 per location/year.

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