Alice NightOne: Home Sleep Testing Done Right

Taking Home Sleep Testing to the Next Level With Alice NightOne

Designed to help patients get their study done right the first night.

The Philips Alice NightOne is an easy to use home sleep testing device designed to help patients get their sleep study done right the first night. Alice NightOne is built with minimal sensors and intuitive icons to ensure easy use for patients. Step by step instructions are provided to reduce the chance of error and keep it simple for patients.

  • Auto-On Feature – device starts recording as soon as you buckle it around your chest.
  • Smart Guided System – the device easily guides patient through set up with lighted icons.
  • Good Study Indicator – indicates good signal quantity and quality immediately.
  • Comfort -Easy belt adjustment capabilities for increase comfort levels.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – connect to therapy devices easily.

What comes with a Home Sleep Test?

Your home sleep test will be delivered to your door step ready with everything you need in order to self-conduct the sleep test and find out if you are suffering from sleep apnea.

  • RIP (belt) with integrated buckle design
  • Disposable Nasal Canal
  • Pulse Oximeter

What Does the Device Record?

Alice NightOne provides us with the data needed to diagnose and differentiate obstructive, central, and positional sleep apnea. The device is equipped with trusted sensors with 7 Channels of recording:

  • Flow
  • Snore
  • Thoracic effort
  • SpO2
  • Pulse rate
  • Body position
  • Pleth

Discover the Benefits

See for yourself the features Alice NightOne Home Sleep Testing has to offer.