Vitalistics™ is a Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) committed to improving the lives of those suffering from respiratory conditions. Learn here why physicians and DME suppliers choose to work with Vitalistics.

  1. Web-based application: The Vitalistics web based application does not need to be installed. It is hosted so data is backed daily on your secure servers. It gives managers real-time data on when and how many patients are being uploaded to the software.
  2. Streamlined communication: Fax directly from within the system, re-fax or print missing forms in English and Spanish, and quickly turn around Physicians Orders.
  3. Automated Reminders: These reminders let you know when a patient has been active after a certain amount of time. Also, an alert is sent when a new patient’s testing data has not been entered into the system.
  4. Manage patients easily: The Vitalistics ODIE Connect web application allows you to update patient insurance information, monitor their results as well as their prescriptions.
  5. No cost for Medicare patients: For patients with Medicare and for all home sleep tests ordered, there is no cost associated with the use of the web application.
  6. Only $99/yr for privately insured patients: For non-Medicare patients, the application has a yearly fee of $99.
  7. Overnight oximetry testing: The Vitalistics application extracts the data from the oximeter and generates a report. This report contains the doctor’s name, patient name, and Vitalistics.
  8. Home sleep testing: Patients are able to administer their tests in the comfort of their homes. Once the equipment is delivered, data is extracted and then dowloaded and reviewed by a board certified sleep physician who provides a comprehensive interpretation.
  9. Rapid, Reliable results: All diagnostic testing provided by Vitalistics is done in an efficient and accurate manner.
  10. 24/7 customer and patient support: Enjoy free support services including chat, phone, email, and our dedicated help site.

As you can see, Vitalistics is dedicated to offering innovative healthcare solutions that increase productivity for DMEs and physicians, while improving the lives of patients. We continuously keep DMEs in mind as we make the process of home sleep and pulse oximetry testing a much more efficient one. It is our mission to provide outstanding customer service to our clients and  a high quality of care to our patients.