Vitalistics, a digital health startup transforming the home sleep testing and overnight pulse oximetry experience, launches today.

Tucson, AZ, November 29, 2016 – Vitalistics, with a leadership team that brings over 30 years of combined experience in the field, launches today as an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility to help patients get the testing they need to diagnose their sleep and respiratory problems, provide physicians with rapid, reliable results, and help durable medical equipment (DME) companies service patients more easily.

Sleep is one of the most important things about our daily routine. We need it to be productive, function properly, and to maintain our overall health. Everyone has felt the negative effects of having a bad night’s sleep, but what if that was happening every night? Sleep disorders are becoming an increasing problem for adults, with an estimated 70 million Americans suffering from them. These disorders can do more than just make you feel tired and unproductive; they can also lead to depression, obesity, diabetes, and other serious medical problems. Not only can sleep disorders cause your body to weaken and become susceptible to illness, driving tired is nearly as bad as driving intoxicated. Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sleep deprivation accounts for approximately 100,000 accidents in a year, leading to an average of 1,550 fatalities.

Vitalistics aims to improve the quality of life for people with sleep and respiratory disorders. Patient comfort and convenience are top priorities. The company puts patients first by offering home-based diagnostic testing, an important alternative for patients who are reluctant to go to an uncomfortable sleep lab. Vitalistics’ overnight home sleep tests and overnight pulse oximetry tests services enable patients to perform diagnostics tests while sleeping in their own bed, providing many patients with more accurate results than traditional lab-based testing.

“Consumers today want information about their sleep and respiratory health without all the hassle of traditional sleep lab testing. Vitalistics is meeting this demand and providing an easier way for DMEs and physicians to offer it to patients than has previously been available,” said Vitalistics’ COO Jennifer Pahl.

Vitalistics’ powerful new software, named ODIE, sets a new standard for home sleep testing and overnight pulse oximetry. The ODIE platform empowers durable medical equipment (DME) companies and physicians to create patient awareness about the issues, setup test, have patient’s self-perform the tests, and get rapid, reliable results with the goal of improving the quality of life for patients and reducing their risk of future or chronic disease. The state-of-the-art SaaS platform brings a streamlined workflow, regulatory compliance, and the latest technologies to the industry.

The Vitalistics team is set up to enter the market successfully and plans to deliver exceptional customer service to patients, physicians, and DME providers nationwide. With Board Certified Sleep Physicians and an intuitive, easy to use platform that allows for fast communication, Vitalistics brings efficiency to overnight home sleep tests and overnight pulse oximetry tests.

About Vitalistics

Vitalistics is a Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) bringing efficiency to home sleep tests and overnight pulse oximetry tests with a team of board-certified pulmonologists and an intuitive, easy to use platform that allows for fast communication. As a national provider of diagnostic medical data, the company works to improve the quality of life for those with respiratory modalities. They offer innovative technology healthcare solutions that provide streamlined and efficient process workflows resulting in decreased operational cost, increased productivity, and improved patient lives. Services include Home Sleep Testing and Overnight Pulse Oximetry Testing using the most modern devices and system today. Physicians and durable medical equipment (DME) companies receive rapid, reliable results backed by a 24/7 support system.